Our Story

Candela Beachwear is led by swimwear enthusiast Dianid Camacho "Di" 

I'm a swimwear lover, beach lover, mom and wife. I was born in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and I'm 37 years old, pretty straight forward and extremely determined in life. I have been a sales person most of my career life, I participated in bodybuilding competitions and learned through to sweat and tears that if you want something you can have it by being determined and focus don't dream about it make it happen, one of my favorite quotes is "eyes on the price"

To me, wearing swimwear is a fashion statement, it is not merely a functional effort. 

Because of this, I had decided to dedicate my resources to design and find the perfect pieces and assortments and present them to you in a way that is easy to shop and affordable in order to offer you affordable prices and achieve that goal… we have partnered with overseas manufacturers and fulfilled your orders straight from the factory. This enables us to cut out retail costs and get you the products you need at the lowest possible price with my main goal in mind to always keep you being trendy with the newest pieces in swimwear fashion.

I hope you enjoy my store as much as I do! 



"The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do"

-Steve Jobs