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Candela Beachwear got it’s start on May 2018; it wasn't planned, it was an impulse and like everything in life when you are consistent you see results! During the Pandemic of 2020 while being at home and the manufacturers being closed, we knew it was time to re-invent ourselves. On March 2020 we decided to take a new approach and let me tell you, this was a game changer! With this new approach Candela Apparel was born, it went from sending the ideas to a manufacturer and having them craft the garments for us, to actually being hands-ON every step of the way.  Being hands-on helps us make sure the best quality at affordable prices is being offered to you! Candela Apparel currently owns all the equipment to make your shirts here at our warehouse/garage (at home)... with no middle man or extra charges. We print your order on demand, which means you can order as many as you want! All of our product is made in USA and we have partnered with the best brands to meet the best quality standards. 


All designs are made by me, Di C. and I personally inspect every piece before it ships. This means that every time you order a piece from our store, it feels like you are being welcomed into our home. Thanks for trusting us, we will keep working very hard for all of you! 


Stay Safe 

Di Camacho / CEO Owner